A Hideous Triumph of Form and Function

by ubik.

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Makoto Hara I got inspired with its marvelous sound and voice. This band should be highly praised much more.
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A Hideous Triumph of Form and Function is ubik.s 2011 album. The full album is an 8-track release-- one of these songs is a "hidden" track, only available as a part of the full album download.


released November 26, 2011


all rights reserved



ubik. Seattle, Washington

ubik. is Seattle's premier psy-prog drift core outfit, and can rock, gloat, drift, glock, splift, and arrive.

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Track Name: eltit gnos
strive for mediocrity
hold the truth "we are one in just the same"
but you're broken, you are the enemy
nothing to prove except for nothing in itself
keeping dry, keeping dry

now with such a prophecy
you can drop and discard all the dreams you may have had
for the dead, for the simplicity
for recycled distant memories, so bland
keeping dry, keeping dry

more of you
showing through
open mind
rise and shine

among the barely breathing
among the once so desperate slaves
you sat and watched the night sky
in fear of open space.
and undetermined thoughts
galaxies and stars
made you wish for womb eternal
the broken image of your heart

and in your hands such limited potential: unjust

yrd gnipeek
flesti ni gnihton rof tpecxe evorp ot gnihton
ymene eht era uoy, nekorb re'uoy tub
"emas eht tsuj ni eno era ew" hturt eht dloh
ytircoidem rof evirts.
Track Name: no such thing as an open-ended equation
your profit is a lie
abundance does not exist
in order to take someone must give
for every dollar you make
reach in, pull the bread from
the gut of a starving child
now smile...now smile...now smile
how fucking vile.

you are in denial
you associate happiness
with a place that is drowning in bile
sell your soul for a place that is based on hate
seperation, and lies
now smile...now smile...now smile
how fucking vile.

your own blood is not the only blood on your hands!
you are just another link on the chain,
just another link on the chain
the chain that chokes this world
the chain that chokes this world!
shame: is stepping on others to rise to the top
shame: is fucking the earth for a corporate job
your own blood is not the only blood on your hands
Track Name: cyclocosmia
What precious memories we weave
to be overanalyzed and complicated
to be inspected deep for flaw
to be torn for fear of entrapment
what precious memories we weave
to be burned for fear of disease.

What precious memories we weave
to be cursed for justification
the warmest breath of the coldest shoulder
I drown in a sea of potential reasoning
what precious memories we weave
bittersweet umbilical defeat.

Torture: the lack of response.
Each day is an open door
lingering in the hall of forgotten homes
we wait for transgression to bring us closure
Torture: the lack of response.

Wait for the impact but it never comes around.
Wait for the impact but it's lost and never found.

There's a hope, it is swinging
I can see it way up high
hallucinations of a better tomorrow
those self-induced little white lies.

Just can't seem to give it up
somethin's gotta give
lost among the waves
pull me in.

and the ties that bind disintegrate
linger in the air
a formless, sunken feeling
like something once was there.
to pull me out.
Track Name: a lie, by definition
We put locks on all the doors
we let our fear reign as lord god
we got to pray to keep us safe
just give em' hell, give us faith
because we hold fear,
we hold truth

steady now, don't make a move...
steady now...

All else fall down- to hell, hell

He's got something, she's got something, you've got something up your sleeve, and....

I hold myself, I lie in wait
I hold my tongue, I hesitate
What is casting these shadows?
All else fall down.


Fear is why I follow.
Track Name: the planet's kerploding!
The station has arrived

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